Nardo Grey 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Has the Audi Touch

We constantly keep an eye out for special Porsche 911 units and the freshest example of the sort comes from the 991.2 GT3 we’re here to deliver. This rear-engined animal not only comes dressed in a discreet shade, but also borrows this hue from Audi, since we’re looking at a Nardo Grey machine.
The Ingolstadt hue seems to suit the Gen 2 GT3 like a glove, with its tastefully restrained approach allowing the Neunelfer to better connect to its ancestors. After all, the understated visual aura has been part of the Porsche mantra ever since the birth of the German automotive producer.

The Neunelfer we have here has recently been delivered to the US, landing in Arizona.

Going past the main hue of the car, we’ll mention the black elements adorning the exterior, such as the wheels and the door handles. The rims hold yellow calipers, signalling the presence of PCCB (Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes) hardware.

The stopping choice means this Porsche 911 GT3 is ready to be cast in the role of a track car. And if we look inside the car, the conclusion stands, since the cabin accommodates the full bucket seats, which are shared with the mighty 918 Spyder.

We also have to mention the black inner graphics of the headlights (the car is gifted with the optional all-LED units).

This color choice shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, we’ve brought you multiple examples of 991-generation Porsche 911 specialist putting on Nardo Grey clothes.

For instance, we showed you a Nardo Grey 911 R last year, with the Porscha coming from Hawaii. And if you happen to prefer the GT3 RS, here’s a PDK example dressed in the said hue for you.

Returning to the Gen 2 GT3, if you’re willing to check out an example of the car dressed in a vivid color, the Acid Green unit we showed you earlier today should do the trick.

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