Overkill: Toyota C-HR 1.2 Turbo Gets Lexus IS F Quad Exhaust from Rowen

The Toyota C-HR is a good example of a car that would be way cooler if it only had a bigger engine. However, the lack of horsepower hasn’t stopped the Japanese tuners from going wild with the mods, as proven recently by Rowen.
We’ve been following the company with a wolf logo for quite some years, and they’ve never disappointed. Their C-HR project is just as extensive as what they’ve done for the Ferrari 458, which is a testament to the popularity of this crossover in Japan.

Initially, the C-HR was only supposed to be sold in Europe, but once the marketing directors got to sample one, it had to be brought over to North America and Asia as well. Japan only gets a 1.2-liter turbo and a hybrid drive that’s similar to the one in the Prius. However, this project is propelled by the 116 HP forced-induction engine.

It’s been a while since we last saw a 1.2-liter engine fitted with such massive quad exhaust pipes. The setup is typical of the Rowen tuning company, but everybody sees it as a Lexus copycat, and for a good reason. The way the chimney stacks are placed brings us back to the glory days of the Lexus IS F. More recently, the GS F and RC F also adopted the design.

So how does a quad-exhaust 1.2-liter sound? Like a bunch of kittens calling for their mother. Except for a few random pops, there’s nothing to get excited about. But the body kit is kind of cool, don’t you think?

Every skirt and spoiler has a bunch of little winglets to make it look beefier. The stance is also adjusted, and extra LED lights have been added. From the back, the view is dominated by extra wings, and a diffuser wedged between those big pipes.

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