Fiat 500 Supercar Has 350 HP Alfa Romeo 4C Engine at the Back

The Fiat 500 is like a relaxing jazz compilation, a summer breeze or a lazy afternoon. But there’s something called a Giannini 350 GP, which reveals the hidden satanic message in the music, adds toxic fumes to the breeze and the sound of exploding cannons.
Nobody should ever put an engine in the back of a small car. It’s too short and will swap ends on you if you’re not careful. While Renault famously stuck its V6 into the trunk of the Clio, this Fiat 500 has about 100 horsepower more from a four-cylinder.

It’s not just any four-cylinder though, but an Italian thoroughbred of an engine, borrowed from Alfa Romeo’s one and mid-engined sportscar. The 4C usually makes 240 hp, but this one has been tuned to make 350. Obviously, the little Fiat was begging to be taken seriously.

Th wide Giannini 350 GP (yes, that’s the name of the car) features massive lovers over all of the wheel arches. They’re made from carbon fiber and come with exquisitely detailed air vents. From every angle, you’re treated to something special. At the back, there’s a massive wing that’s still not for boy-racers. And because the 1,750cc mill is in the trunk, the tailgate has been altered as well. Exhaust pipes and all sorts of exotic components can be seen hanging under the bumper.

The brakes feature drilled and slotted discs in front and six-piston calipers. From the front, it looks a little bit like an old rally car, with giant accessory lights flushed into the widened bumper. They also made a cute cutout in the hood so we can see the trick push-rod suspension setup.

We’ve learned that Giannini plan to make only about 100 of these custom Fiat 500s, each costing about as much as a new Audi R8. Still, we think the design is very classy and will have everybody asking “what’s that?”

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