2017 Golf R and Golf GTI Do a Predictable Drag Race

This fight between brothers has been going on for quite a while. The GTI, Volkswagen’s first-born hot hatch has been at it for a really long time, but the R has steadily chipped away at its armor until there’s almost nothing left.
We’ve gotten to a point where a 230 horsepower Golf can’t be considered hot anymore. In fact, the Golf R has some trouble of its own from bigger guns like the Focus RS or the A45 AMG.

Both versions of the Golf have their cult following. But even the hardcore fans will be tempted away by sideways properties of the Focus RS or the track capabilities of the crazy new Civic Type R.

That’s probably why Volkswagen launched mid-life updates for both the GTI and the R. After all, their Golf 5 and Golf 6 counterparts never got any power increases through their lifetimes.

This drag race features the standard, but the specs at the end of the video state it has 290 HP. We know certain markets have lower outputs, but we’ve never heard of this one.

Both models also have new lights and bumpers, plus that cool new digital dashboard. Practicality is basically the same, but we’ve always liked the GTI’s colorful seats more.

We all know what’s supposed to happen in the drag race, but we actually think the difference has grown even larger than it was before. The Golf R has no problem taking full advantage of its powerful engine thanks to the standard.

We really don’t see the point of the GTI. True, the Golf R is more expensive, but not by much, and if you are buying your next car on a finance plan, the difference in monthly payments isn’t that big. The 310 horsepower machine with AWD is also unlikely to feel obsolete five years from now when you sell it on.

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