2018 Audi TT RS “Ties” Nissan GT-R in Top Gear 1/4-Mile Drag Race

The Nissan GT-R was built for all-out performance, preferably delivered around a circuit, so drag racing wasn’t neccesarily a priority for the Japanese engineers (the aftermarket realm will beg to differ, though). And we can say the same about the Audi TT RS, with the 2018 incarnation of the German aiming to prove that an Ingolstadt sportscar can punch way above its weight.
However, both these go-fast contraptions are particularly efficient sprinting tools. The secret lies in their uber-efficient all-paw hardware, with this offering them the ability to deliver blistering take-offs.

The Audi, aided by its monumentally capable 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine, bets on the power-to-weight ratio. As for the GT-R, Godzilla’s standing start asset revolves around its weight-to-tire-contact-patch recipe.

2018-audi-tt-rs-ties-nissan-gt-r-in-top-gear-1-4-mile-drag-race_1 2018-audi-tt-rs-ties-nissan-gt-r-in-top-gear-1-4-mile-drag-race_3

So what happens when these two velocity animals are thown at each other? Well, if the sprinting task devised for the two happens to be a quarter-mile race, the answer might surprise you.

As we mentioned in the title above, the driver of the supercar has plenty of reasons to worry about the competition coming from the sportscar line up next to him in the 1,320 feet challenge – as you’ll see after checking out the velocity battle we have here, the quotes were truly necessary.

And this is particularly true if the said drag race happens to be held by the crew over at Top Gear, a label that has always been a trusted source for objective comparisons.

2018-audi-tt-rs-ties-nissan-gt-r-in-top-gear-1-4-mile-drag-race-120196-7 2018-audi-tt-rs-ties-nissan-gt-r-in-top-gear-1-4-mile-drag-race_2

Now that you know what to expect from the drag racing footage below, perhaps you should pay close attention to the starting phase of the race, which is where the… magic seems to happen.

Oh, and if anybody needs a refresher on the figures that define these two-plus-two machines, there’s no reason to fret, as you’ll find all the relevant numbers these in the clip.

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