2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo on HRE Brushed Gold Wheels Is So Fresh, So Clean

How do you define a Porshe purist? While there’s obviously more than one answer to such a question, we could talk about a car guy or gal who can’t even stand to see a Zuffenahusen machine that comes with aftermarket wheels. As such, purists would better look away at this point, as we’re here to show you a 2017 Panamera that has been gifted with custom shoes.

We’re talking about a Panamera Turbo, which means that the HRE Wheels that take center stage in this tale have to deal with the 550 ponies of the lavish machine.

To be more precise, we’re talking about HRE Forged Monoblock P101-Series rollers, which come in a 21-inch size. The wheels feature a brushed gold finish, one that features a clear coat. As for the rubber involved in this customization stunt, the wheels are shod in Pirelli P-Zero PZ4 tires.

The wheels come with a multi-spoke design, while the slim spoked allow us to get an excellent view of the yellow calipers, which signal the presence of the PCCB (Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes) hardware – we’ll tip our lens to GMG Racing for the images of the vehicle.

Come to think of it, the finish of the wheels we have here remind us of the rollers Zuffenhausen uses for the Weissach Package of the 2018 911 GT2 RS.

And while we’re talking Panny modding, we’ll remind you that the first-generation models have started serving as the starting point for serious tuning projects.

The most extreme example we’ve shown you to date paraded its monstrous wing through Monaco last year. And yes, we can refer to this as the four-door equivalent of a Rauh-Welt Begriff Neunelfer.

And since the financial side of such Porsches is starting to become less of a burden, you should expect to see more and more examples of the sort.

2017-porsche-panamera-turbo-on-hre-brushed-gold-wheels_1 2017-porsche-panamera-turbo-on-hre-brushed-gold-wheels_2 2017-porsche-panamera-turbo-on-hre-brushed-gold-wheels_3 2017-porsche-panamera-turbo-on-hre-brushed-gold-wheels_4 2017-porsche-panamera-turbo-on-hre-brushed-gold-wheels_5 2017-porsche-panamera-turbo-on-hre-brushed-gold-wheels_6 2017-porsche-panamera-turbo-on-hre-brushed-gold-wheels_7 2017-porsche-panamera-turbo-on-hre-brushed-gold-wheels_9 2017-porsche-panamera-turbo-on-hre-brushed-gold-wheels_10 2017-porsche-panamera-turbo-on-hre-brushed-gold-wheels_11

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