Sample ABT’s 500 HP Audi TT RS-R in Satin Metallic Red

Moost supercars nowadays make 600 or more, but we still think 500 horsepower is a lot. That’s especially true for something like the Audi TT RS.
Sure, this car has an incredibly potent 5-cylinder engine, but it’s still a single-turbo 2.5-liter, not like one of those twin-turbo jobs you see on the M3 or C63.

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What’s more, 500 HP also happens to be the output of the first model year Lamborghini Gallardo. So with the ABT Sportline tune, you could have a baby supercar of your own. Of course, owning one would probably set you back the same amount as a second-hand V10 Lambo, but at least it’s new, and the gearbox works better.

We’re thoroughly impressed with the TT RS-R. The project was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. Since then, ABT has made a few minor modifications and sent it out to the world. Looking at all these videos we’ve collected over the past week, the first thing that pops out is the satin metallic red color. This kind of finish used to be popular several years ago when the wrapping phenomenon kicked off. We prefer the old white paint job, but “seeing red” and “raging bull rival” go hand in hand for this 500 horsepower toy.

So how has ABT taken the 2.5-liter turbo engine to 500 PS and 570Nm (420lb-ft) of torque? A bigger turbo, an ECU update, and the quad-tip exhaust tips, obviously. Many companies can do that for you, but the German tuner also came up with a body kit and added canards that remind us of several AMG Edition 1 models.

Carbon fiber is used and together with the black 20-inch wheels adds a touch of class to the TT RS. Although we’re not sure they can sell that many, ABT says they will limit total production of this monster coupe to 50. Red Riding Hood here belongs to Daniel Abt who had his initials carved into the headrests.

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